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Royal LePage Team Value Proposition

Real estate teams are evolving at a rapid pace. Greater numbers of teams are forming, existing teams are expanding in size and the most productive teams are continually developing their transactional and operational competencies, growing their results to ever increasing heights. 

In the Teams section, you will find valuable information to help you understand productive real estate team operations whether you are interested in starting a team, or, if you are an existing team leader, to access training, templates, guidelines and resources to help you take your team to the next level. 

To start, this Royal LePage Team Guidelines document will help you understand the definitions and policies that constitute a team at Royal LePage and how they correlate to sales awards. 

Help & Support 

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Starting a team

While working as a team can seem attractive, becoming an good team leader requires careful planning. Whether you are a future or experienced team leader, make sure you have the foundations and follow best practices to be an effective team leader. 

Developed and delivered by Ken Goodfellow – Goodfellow Coaching & Consulting – this training is designed to help you take your business to the next level! 
New Team Training – June 21st
Start or develop your team into a powerhouse
Consider this session if you are interested in starting a team or, if you are a leader of an existing team up to Diamond Award Level 
Experience Team Training – June 20th
Bring your existing team to new heights
Consider this session if you are a leader of a Red Diamond Award winning team