RRI Masters Formula© and Business Coaching

Masters Formula© Agent Certification is a 10 weekprogram that combines in-class participation with your broker, online learning and accountability for maximum results and effectiveness.

You will walk away with:

  • A step-by-step system for generating high quality leads tailored to your strengths
  • Improved sales and presentation skills for today’s new real estate world
  • Clarity and a laser-sharp focus on individual goals, both personal and professional
  • A complete business and marketing plan for breakthrough growth
  • The inspiration and motivation to take massive action toward their goals

Ask your broker for details on how to register or call an RRI Advisor today. 1.800.298.9587 (Broker details can be found in rlpNetwork > Managing > Agent Training > RRiMasters Formula©)

RRI Business Coaching

Everyone is inspired to act by something – and it is RRI’s job is to find that something in you.

RRI’s real estate business coaching methodology has helped over 5000 real estate professionals achieve unimaginable production levels. Most importantly they are leading a life they love.

RRI’s approach combines proven strategy with personal performance concepts to help clients achieve consistent breakthrough results in business, all while building the life of their dreams.

RRI Events

RRI deliver events across Canada many of which offer free seats. Register today and learn what RRI can offer to your business.