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Carriage Trade Criteria

Only Royal LePage’s finest properties qualify for the Carriage Trade luxury property marketing program. Criteria are designed to preserve the distinguished nature of the luxury property market and reinforce the exclusivity of the Carriage Trade brand for you and your clients.

To qualify for Carriage Trade, your listing must meet the following criteria:
  1. Price – The freehold, condo and recreational property listing price is:
    • no less than four times the average residential sale price as determined by your local real estate board in the following four major markets: Metro Vancouver, Calgary, Greater Toronto and Greater Montreal. A separate category has been created to facilitate price-qualification based on the local condo/townhome average price, versus the average price across all other property types.
    • no less than three times the average residential sale price as determined by your local real estate board in all other markets
  2. Location – The property is situated in a distinctive, prestigious, sought-after neighbourhood or on prized acreage or land
  3. Distinction – The property possesses one or more distinguishing characteristics


  • Situated on coveted land, in a luxurious building, or a sprawling acreage
  • It may have breath-taking views or inspired landscaping
  • Desirable waterfront or mountain location
  • Exclusive privacy or limited access


  • There is a historical designation or significance associated with the residence


  • Automation technology or other features that provide unique ownership advantages such as a library, horse stables, an elaborate home gym, home theatre, wine cellar, an observatory, etc.


  • The architecture and the interior design are luxurious or otherwise desirable
  • A noteworthy architect designed the home
  • Special materials or strategies were employed in the home’s construction
Is your listing an exception?

Properties that do not meet the criteria above, but are believed to be an exception, may still qualify. Email property details to You will receive a response within 48 hours.


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