Listing Administration

Enhance MLS Listings

Top up existing MLS listings in the following ways:

  • Provide additional remarks*
  • Add neighbourhood notes and photo
  • Correct your listing’s location on the map
  • Suppress Neighbourhood info and Walkscore

*Note:  If you provide additional remarks, this will give your listing a green Info+ flag on to distinguish it from other listings. Unique information on vs also helps to provide the website more traffic and more leads.

If you enhance the Description received from CREA/GMREB, future updates from your Board will no longer automatically be shown on


Manage Royal LePage Listings 

  • Add or update Exclusive Listings on
  • Upload and change the order of photos
  • Manage Open House

Manage Carriage Trade Listings

Publish or unpublish office MLS listings to, our exclusive luxury property website. A distinctive Carriage Trade flag will be added to the listing. Listings that don’t automatically qualify by price can also be published to the Carriage Trade site here with preapproval from Royal LePage Canada (email requests to  See Enhance MLS Listings to update content on non-exclusive Carriage Trade listings.

Manage Carriage Trade Exclusive Listings

Create, modify or delete exclusive Carriage Trade listings to our exclusive luxury property website, Listings content and photos can also be updated here