If your office would like to support the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, please ensure you review the section How to Get Started with the Shelter Foundation. With respect to collecting and remitting Commission Donations and submitting all other fundraising proceeds, please follow these instructions:

  1. Obtain the signed Commission Donation pledge form from the agent and keep it in a safe place. Ensure a copy is sent immediately to the Shelter Foundation by regular mail, faxed to us at 416-510-5856 or emailed to shelterfoundation@royallepage.ca.
  2. Many of the major real estate accounting packages such as LoneWolf and Borran can easily handle a recurring donation deduction and can be used to track the accumulated amounts collected and owing to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. If you require assistance setting this up, please contact the software supplier or the Shelter Foundation.
  3. It is best to deduct the donation at the time the deal is closed and commissions paid.
  4. We recommend that you remit your agents’ Commission Donations on one company cheque on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Make your cheque payable to Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and include a list of the agents with their individual donations for tax receipt purposes. System-generated reports are available if you are you using one of the systems referred to above. If not, include a list of your agents’ names and their donation amounts.
  5. For fundraising event proceeds, please submit these to the Shelter Foundation within 10 business days of the conclusion of the event. Submit any donation cheques made out directly to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation at the same time. We will issue tax receipts according to our Tax Receipt Policy
  6. Please indicate whether you want the official shelter donation cheque to be mailed to you or to the shelter directly, as well as if you require the cheque by a specific date (plus any other special instructions). If for some reason you do not want the full amount of the donation issued to your shelter at that time, let us know in a letter accompanying your funds. Note:  occasionally, the shelter cheque we return to you will be in an amount that’s less than what you sent to us. This is because one or more of your agents have opted to split their Commission Donations between your local shelter and provincial violence prevention programs.
  7. If you have requested that the official shelter donation cheque be returned to your office, you can expect to receive it within 3 weeks of us receiving the funds. During certain times of year, such as following the National Garage Sale for Shelter or in early January, our processing times may be somewhat longer. If you plan to hold a cheque presentation meeting with your shelter and/or a media event, please contact us in advance to let us know the date of your meeting so we can ensure the cheque is ready.
  8. The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation issues tax receipts at the end of February for all donations received during the previous calendar year.
  9. In order to be eligible for tax receipts in a given calendar year, the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation must receive your agents’ donations by December 31 or have received a cheque in an envelope post-marked no later than December 31 (the cheque must be post-dated prior to December 31). Please make a recurring note in your calendar to ensure you meet this deadline.
  10. Please remit your funds with any necessary attachments (as well as ensure all Commission Donation pledge forms are forwarded) to:

Royal LePage Shelter Foundation

Attn: Executive Director

39 Wynford Dr.

Toronto, ON, M3C 3K5

Fax: 416-510-5856

Email: shelterfoundation@royallepage.ca