As a Royal LePage Commercial REALTOR®, you can take advantage of professionally-designed marketing materials that will set you apart from the competition. The Royal LePage Commercial brand must instill a high level of confidence in the minds of your clients.

The brand refresh brings a more cohesive, modern and contemporary design, elevating Royal LePage Commercial and its agents with a stronger brand backing them in their day-to-day business.

When you leverage the new collateral, you increase the visibility and reputation of Royal LePage Commercial nationally. This will only lead to more success when presenting your value proposition and listings to clients, capitalizing on national brand awareness.

Royal LePage Commercial Brand Guidelines

To help you maintain the standards outlined within, it is recommended that you share the guidelines with all of your suppliers, so they can help you stay on brand when producing marketing materials.

Marketing Resources

Access a variety of different materials, including the Royal LePage Commercial logo, Facebook/LinkedIn covers, stationary/print templates, signage templates and more.

Digital Marketing with Youman Media

Our exclusive partnership with Youman Media affords you the ability to have standard brochures and CASL compliant email drip campaigns.


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