Buffini & Company – Pathway to Mastery™ – Essentials

The Pathway to Mastery™ — Essentials course, a deep dive into lead generation, negotiation strategies, buyer and seller tactics and more. This 8 week course has been specifically designed for both new and veteran agents that will increase your production and get you and your business ready for the next step on your pathway to mastery.

About the Pathway to Mastery™ programs

Developed by industry legend Brian Buffini, The Pathway to Mastery is the most comprehensive, in-depth training program ever created for the real estate industry. In Martial Arts, everyone starts out as a White belt with the goal of becoming a Black belt, and then a Master once you achieved a 6th Degree Black Belt. The Pathway to Mastery takes you on that journey. The Essentials course puts your business foundations in place. The Advanced course takes you to the Black belt level, where you become a person of influence in your community, and the Master class raises the bar to the master level, building a business and life of true significance.

Agents: Talk to your broker about hosting Buffini & Co’s Pathway to Mastery™ in your office.

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