Become a Commission Donor

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. As an agent, you can sign up for our Commission Donation program and have an amount of your choice donated to the Shelter Foundation every time you help a client buy or sell a home (i.e. when you receive a commission for your services). It’s an easy and convenient way to donate to the Shelter Foundation and help women and children in your community!


Here’s how it works:

Sign up now by going to our easy and secure online tool (takes less than 2 minutes to complete):

Or, you can complete a written form as follows:

  1. Complete and sign the Commission Donor form and send it back to us at You decide how much you want to donate per deal and whether you want 100% of your donation to go to your local women’s shelter or whether you want 50% to go to your local shelter and 50% to violence prevention programs in your province.
  2. Give a signed copy of the Commission Donor form to your office’s administrator or deal secretary. Check with your Manager if you are not sure who handles Commission Donations in your office.
  3. Your office will take care of sending in your donations to the Shelter Foundation. In return, the Shelter Foundation will issue the official donation cheque to your local shelter. (One hundred percent of donations to the Shelter Foundation go to our charity partners as Royal LePage Canada covers the Shelter Foundation’s operating costs.)
  4. You will receive an official charitable donation receipt in late February for all donations you made in the previous calendar year.

As a Commission Donor, you will receive a special “Proud Supporter” logo you can use in your marketing materials. You will also be identified on as a Shelter Foundation donor. All Commission Donors will be recognized in the Shelter Foundation annual report and you may receive each year’s Top 1% or Top 10% donor logo depending on the amount of your annual donations. Finally, you will also be eligible to be nominated for a provincial Shelter Award, which recognizes outstanding or extraordinary contributions of time and effort to your local shelter or to the Shelter Foundation (note: this is not based on financial amounts donated).